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What side of the road will I drive on?

The road systems in North Cyprus are similar to the U.K. And driving is on the left.


Are there any prohibited zones?

Yes. As in any country there are military areas that are prohibited but these are well marked. If you  do happen to stray into such a zone you are most likely to be politely escorted out.


What is the water situation?

Many properties draw water for general use from underground tanks that are refilled by tanker.

Bottled water is often the choice for drinking. Some villages have water points where good quality natural  

spring or well  water can be obtained free of charge. Regarding the national situation, a massive and unique engineering project is under way to pipe clean fresh water from the Turkish mainland. This will bring enormous benefit to Northern Cyprus as a reliable water supply is a major factor in the wellbeing of any Mediterranean country.


How easy is it to move goods and belongings to North Cyprus?

This is no harder than moving anywhere else. There are some excellent removal companies based in North Cyprus who regularly make the overland run to the U.K. And other European countries. Also it  is quite easy to arrange shipping of containers or vehicles to the port of Famagusta from the U.K and other countries.


What are the living costs like compared to the U.K. ?

In general the living costs are very low. Things like council taxes and utility costs are minimal. Food costs can vary according to location but are not excessive. Eating out is good value in most establishments.


Can I cross to the south of Cyprus?

Yes, the situation has eased a lot in that respect but there are still some restrictions in respect of mode of travel. A resident in the north with the appropriate vehicle documents will have no trouble. Many visitors and foreign residents now use Larnaca airport as an alternative to Ercan.


What are these donums and things in all your property details?

A donum is the land measurement and is equal to about one third of an acre. An Evlec is one quarter of a donum.


I have already made a will, do I need to make another?

Yes. You will need to have a will drawn up in North Cyprus but this is a straight forward procedure that can be handled by your solicitor.


What are my solicitors fees likely to be if I buy a property in North Cyprus.

Your solicitor will give you a cost projection or maybe a firm quotation if the transaction is straightforward. A factual example, correct at time of writing, is available to view by clicking here.



Please CONTACT US  if you have other questions and we will endeavour to provide answers