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Property Buying  in North Cyprus

Freehold Title Deeds

There have been many stories and news items about title deeds in North Cyprus. Not unnaturally, most prospective property buyers will try to understand why so many different versions of the facts are talked about.

Most of the issues under discussion arise from the division of the island in 1974 and claims to property ownership made by Greek Cypriots in respect of land left behind when they, or more likely their forebears, removed to the south. It is often not mentioned that the same thing happened to a number of Turkish Cypriots displaced from their homes in the south. The truth is that this was a very unfortunate period in the history of Cyprus. The bottom line now is that this is The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus. There is only one freehold title that you can buy and that is The Turkish Republic of North Cyprus Freehold. Concerns about claims on land ownership from Greek Cypriots have been largely dispelled by recent rulings from the European Court of Human Rights as the government of the TRNC has established a fair and reasonable process for dealing with these issues. Further useful links can be found on our home page.

This TRNC Freehold title deed can be broken down to four possible variants, one of which will apply to your purchase. These are:

Pre. 1974 Foreign Title.

This applies to land or immovable property that was owned by a foreign national before 1974.

Pre. 1974 Turkish Title.

As the name implies, this applies to land or immovable property owned by a Turkish Cypriot before 1974.

TMD Title.

This applies to land given by the government to Turkish and Turkish Cypriot people after 1974 for military  service and to encourage settlers. This was to promote and encourage economic progression.

Exchange Title.(Esdeger)

This applies to land or property awarded by the government to a Turkish Cypriot in exchange for land or    

property they were forced to leave behind when fleeing the south in 1974.


All of these versions of the TRNC title deed can be considered safe to purchase but as with any property purchase, it is most important that the prospective purchaser employs a local solicitor well versed in the property and land laws. They will be able to assure you that your intended freehold is legitimate and clear of any debts or liens. Busy Bees Estate Agents can introduce you to such solicitors if required.


Buying Leasehold Property.

The actual process for buying leasehold is similar to freehold but the application is made to the Ministry of Tourism rather than the Ministry of the Interior. This is effectively obtaining permission for you to purchase property in North Cyprus. Again it is highly recommended that a good local solicitor is employed from the start.


New Build Purchases.

When buying off plan for a new build property it is normal to agree a staged payment plan. Your solicitor will draw up a contract detailing price, specifications, payment plan and timescale.


If you have any questions regarding buying in North Cyprus not included in this overview, please contact us and we will do our best to answer them.                          

If you are considering buying or selling property in North Cyprus you should be aware that anyone trading in estate agency or real estate must now be registered with the government and appropriately bonded in accordance with legislation. Our agency has passed the stringent qualifying criteria and is licenced under number 066. We offer free and friendly advice on all aspects of property buying and real estate investment in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. New-Off Plan or Previously Owned we offer a wide portfolio of Villas, Apartments,Penthouses, Holiday Flats, Bungalows or land for sale for building or investment. We are specialists along the eastern seaboard including Famagusta Bay, Bogaz, Bafra and the Karpaz Peninsula but also are able to offer a range of property for sale in the Kyrenia region including Esentepe, Girne, Catalkoy and Lapta through our recently opened new office in Kyrenia where our enthusiastic staff have unrivalled local knowledge. Busy Bees are currently the only real estate agency able to offer the services of offices based in both the main regions of Kyrenia and Famagusta/Karpaz.

Some basic facts on property purchasing are detailed below. If we can assist further please  Contact us and we will try to help with any specific question you may have. Our aim is to make buying and selling property in North Cyprus as easy and pleasant an experience as possible for our clients.

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