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Room 1 – this is the entrance room and has a fireplace, stone flooring and beamed ceilings


Room 2 - has wooden floorboards and a door through to another room (perfect for an ensuite bathroom)


Room 3 – has stone flooring, beamed ceiling and a fireplace


Room 4 – has stone flooring, beamed ceiling and original arch


Room 5 – has wooden floorboards and beamed ceilings


Large landing – has wooden floorboards, arched windows looking onto the courtyard and a door leading to stairs to the courtyard garden



Rooms leading off the courtyard (downstairs):


Arched covered area


Storage room

Spacious fitted kitchen breakfast room







Front terrace

Spacious courtyard

Large garden




Nestling below the Troodos mountains, 74 km away from Nicosia, Lefke (Lefka) is a small and friendly town in the north west of Cyprus.  Its inhabitants will tell you that its citrus fruits are the tastiest and the juiciest in the whole of the island. This is because of its rich soil, plentiful water and its reservoirs.  Its Turkish character reflects the domination of the area by the Ottoman Empire for more than three hundred years. The town also houses one of North Cyprus' universities, European University of Lefke.


Places of Interest



Soli was a great ancient city, founded in the 600 BC. It was at its most importance during the occupation of Cyprus by the Romans, and was destroyed during the Arab invasion in 648 AD. A Swedish Archeological Expedition excavated the Roman Amphitheatre in 1930, and an early Christian Basilica and mosaics have come to light during later work by Canadian teams. Much work remains to be done over the huge site.


Vouni Palace 

Vouni Palace  is 9 km west of Gemikonagi, and 250 m. above the sea level on a cliff top. Its origins are not known with certainty, but it is thought to have been built during the Persian occupation in the 5th century BC. This Palace is surrounded by a wall and was burnt down by a fire in 380 BC. At a later date the foundations were destroyed by the Soli inhabitants.


Pırı osman pasha mosque

Piri Osman Pasha mosque is found in the upper part of Lefke. The mosque carries Ottoman’s architecture style so it has three arches in front of it and five arches beside of it. Front arches stand on the column and beside arches stand on archaic. Only Piri Osman pasha mosque has dome in Lefke. They used hewn stone when they built it and it has only one gallery of a minaret. The bottom of the mosque is setting on the octagon body. In front of the Piri Osman Pasha Mosque there are graves. But you can find only two of them today. One of them belongs to Vizier Osman Pasha and the other belongs to Huseyin Aga.


There are many beliefs about this mosque. Most people believe that if they smash the onion in the Piri Osman Pasha Mosque when its cover smuches all illnesses disappear like the onions’ cover. And also Osman Pasha Tomb visited by most people. They wish something and they light candles and hope their wishes come true. And also people tie a piece of clothe on the fence of the mosque in this way they believe that their illnesses stay there like those piece of clothes and patients become healthy.


Travel times


The coast – 5 minute drive

Lefkosa – 1 hour and 15 minutes drive

Guzelyurt – 30 minutes drive

Kyrenia – 1 hour and 15 minutes drive

Ercan Airport - – 1 hour and 15 minutes drive





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This wonderful historical ottoman house, which is said to have been owned by a Pasha (a higher rank in the Ottoman Empire political and military system), is so deceiving as from the outside you would just think it was a small bungalow, but inside it’s like a Tardis, a huge 350m2 tardis! On street level you have 5 huge rooms (plus additional room off one of the 5), a bathroom and a large landing with arched windows overlooking the courtyard garden. The house really is full of character throughout; tall beamed ceilings, traditional front door, wooden shutters and internal wooden doors.  There are steps down into the courtyard where you have plenty of covered space with traditional arches; there’s  also a large basement room, a store room and a good sized kitchen as well as a large (albeit overgrown!) garden. Once renovated, this could be one amazing property…my first thought was…what a fantastic boutique hotel this would make, as all the upstairs rooms are spacious enough to accommodate their own bathroom and the courtyard would make a lovely eating area; it’s also Turkish title and sits in the peaceful village of Lefke, which is steeped in charm and history.