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The Proposition

Our client owns a successful and very substantial holiday and hotels business in Northern Cyprus together with valuable land assets but is aware that there is a large well of untapped business and profit potential still to be realized. Additional investment is required in order to realize this potential and an enterprising investor or investment group is cordially invited to explore the possibilities that are on offer. Investors will be aware that this location is not directly affected by the woes of the Eurozone which may be considered as a plus in any business risk analysis.


In addition to profits accruing from the existing holiday venues that have considerable growth potential, there is also the very real possibility of striking gold as a result of future land and property capital growth. Any business person or investor expressing an interest should be aware that property and land values in North Cyprus are considered to be artificially low in comparison with other Mediterranean countries including South Cyprus. This presents an opportunity for growth above and beyond an anticipated very healthy return on investment under current market conditions and within the general existing business model. Please note that this business has been in the same ownership since pre 1974 which means that there are no possibilities of any title issues arising or other ownership complications.


Our client is adopting a very open minded approach in offering this profit opportunity to the market and is basically prepared to open discussions with any serious investor/s who may wish to put forward proposals different to those outlined below or may wish to discuss variable permutations of the businesses or assets described. In the first instance serious potential investors should register their interest by contacting us as above.

Outline Property Details and Envisaged Investment Options.


Investment Item 1


1 x 48 Bedroom (96 beds) beach front hotel.

Key features.

This hotel has recently been refurbished and updated and is considered to be in good operational order.  The hotel boasts an ISO22000 restaurant with dining facilities both indoor and outdoor. The hotel has five bars plus a beach bar and an outside theatre. Of special note is the existence of a private beach front owned by the hotel.  This fact allows building within 100 metres of the foreshore which is normally forbidden and adds to the underlying value of the property. It is confidently anticipated that only a small investment would be needed to elevate this hotel to 4 star status.

Investment possibilities in respect of item 1


a) Outright purchase of the hotel to include the 7 donums (9,362 m2) of beach frontage land with private seaside.  Price guide: £15,000,000 GBP


b) Rental of the hotel for a 10 year term. £500,000 key money plus £200,000 P.A.


c) Partnership. Our client would propose a figure of £500,000 GBP to buy into the business on a ten year term with a 50/50 profit share. (50% of this would be invested in upgrading and developing the hotel and facilities).


Investment Item 2

1 x 45 bedroom hotel (Bed capacity 130)

Key features

This hotel is a bespoke stone built building of great charm and standing in beautiful landscaped gardens close to the hotel described in item 1. The hotel benefits from having a variety of room configurations from normal 5 star doubles to 1, 2 and 3 bedroom suites. This variety allows a very wide spectrum of guest group needs to be met which is not often a feature of many hotels. Over and above holiday guests, business to business clients are an obvious prime target for this hotel with its 350 seat indoor theatre, plus a conference centre including a main conference hall and 2 seminar rooms. Conference capacity is currently up to 500 persons. To attend to the needs of these guests there are 4 bars and a restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining facilities. In addition to the hotel and its grounds there are a further 30 donums (40,140 m2) of development land which can be included in a total package deal.

Investment possibilities in respect of item 2


a) Outright purchase of the hotel to include the grounds of 10 donums (13,378 m2) Price guide: £10,000,000


b) Rental of the hotel for a 10 year term. £500,000 GBP key money plus £200,000 GBP  P.A.


c) Partnership.  A buy in figure of £1,000,000 is proposed (75% of this would be invested for development and upgrading in order to maximize the future profits) A 10 year term is suggested with 50/50 profit sharing.


Investment Items 1 & 2  Packaged.

For the outright purchase of the two hotels and including the additional development land as above a price in the region of £30,000,000 is envisaged.


Investment Item 3.

Holiday Village

Located between the two hotels, the holiday village includes 33 mini-villas each sleeping between 2 and 4 persons. There are 2 full size villas sleeping  6/8 persons. The villas are attractively located around a swimming pool set in lovely mature gardens.

Investment possibilities for item 3.

The holiday village has not been valued as a stand alone item at this stage but can be considered in any negotiation for Items 1 & 2. As an additional add on to a rental agreement for either or both items 1 & 2 an annual rental of around £60,000 GBP is suggested.




Investment Item 4


The casino is no longer in operation but it is expected that, providing the required criteria (estimated at about £500,000 GBP) is met, the required licence would be forthcoming. The physical attributes are: The casino is on 4 floors, has 2 toilet blocks, 4 bars, 4 cash desks, offices, technical depots and a main cage. The casino can have in different combinations, up to 22 tables and 200 gaming machines over a gaming space of about 1200 m2.

Investment possibilities for the casino Item 4

At this stage a rental arrangement is considered most viable with an up front payment of £250,000 plus £120,000 PA over a 10 year term being proposed. This is of course additional to the sums necessary to revive the licence.


Investment Item 5


For a really serious investor or investment group there is the possibility of purchasing a much larger block of prime real estate either in part or total. This includes land of up to 90 Cyprus donums (120,402 m2). This would include about 500 metres of private seafront with all on the sea front holding pre-1974 Turkish Title. Included would be 2 other hotels plus another private beach between which has geographical features ideal for the development of a yacht marina.


Key features:

The sea frontage holds pre-1974 Turkish Title

The sea frontage is privately owned.

Buildings exist within 100 metres of the foreshore therefore building up to the sea would be allowed.

The site has its own water reserves.

The location is on a main coastal road.

Potential to develop a marina village complex.


Investment possibilities for item 5

The potential return on investment is very substantial and there are a variety of possible scenarios. Cost of investment would depend on the options taken up and we would suggest these be explored in an informal discussion with our client.





Many investors believe that this is an excellent time to consider investment in property and tourism in Northern Cyprus. This is borne out by the very large projects under way and completed such as the new yacht marina further down the coast near Yenierenkoy on the Karpaz Peninsula. A marina developed in the location which is on offer would complement, rather that compete with the Karpaz marina, as it is about a day’s sail away. Also the massive hotel developments at Bafra on the eastern coast of the Karpaz provide further strong evidence of investor confidence in North Cyprus. Proof that large scale investment is being made by people who don’t often get it wrong. One influencing factor is the awareness that property and land here is undervalued although quite stable. The single most likely event that will ignite a price explosion will be the eagerly awaited resolution to the North/South political issue. Even without this happening, property and land investment here is a sound choice. With a resolution, and informed sources think this will happen sooner rather than later, the upward movement of land and property values is expected to be dramatic.  Any serious investor will not want to miss this particular boat. The fact that North Cyprus is not connected in any direct way to the Eurozone and that the local currency is the Turkish Lira with many property offers made in British Pounds, is also to be considered.


We repeat that ownership since pre-1974 and the fact that the seafront land holds pre-1974 Turkish Title Deeds provides absolute assurance that no problems relating to title can arise.


It will be clear that our client is offering the opportunity for serious investors to become involved in a touristic and property business that has tremendous scope for growth and future profits. The options available are multiple and varied and this document can only provide a glimpse of the exciting vista that may unfold. To fully explore the offers or permutations in detail we would strongly advise that you contact us to arrange a friendly and cordial meeting with our client who will be prepared to consider any sensible offer or form of arrangement that you may wish to make. These may be broadly in line with the above outline proposals or entirely of your own making.

Please CONTACT US quoting reference HP0833  to register your interest