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The Karpaz Peninsula-North Cyprus
The Karpaz Peninsula of North Cyprus. An area of outstanding natural beauty where the environment, and by definition the value of your property investment, is protected by government policies that strictly control building and development.
The Karpaz Peninsula is the long finger of land that extends from the main body of the island in a north easterly direction and is often called the “panhandle” of Cyprus. The warm waters of the clear blue Mediterranean gently wash the forty plus beautiful sandy beaches that can be found on the Karpaz, many of which offer complete solitude where your sole companions may be one or two of the wild donkeys that roam the landscape. The Karpaz is almost totally free of any concentration of industry and is one of the least polluted regions in the European periphery. The area is sometimes called the “land that time forgot” as it is easy to imagine yourself in a bygone age. Small traditional villages and towns where most live off the land or the sea and mile upon mile of glorious sandy beaches reward those visiting this magical place.
In Roman times the region was densely populated and the area has many ancient ruins and points of historical interest The rolling hills, massive sand dunes and trees that carpet the landscape are home to a vast array of plant and animal species including birds, reptiles and amphibians, the fact that the region escaped the last ice age has meant that the massive amount of biological diversity has been retained. Some of the sensational beaches are also chosen by endangered Chelonia Mydas and Caretta Caretta sea turtles that return year after year to lay their eggs. The turtle has thus become the unofficial emblem of the Karpaz in the eyes of many people. A trip to the tip of the peninsula, and to the Monastery of Apostolos Andreas, takes you through the small towns of Yenierenkoy and Dipkarpaz and through some truly beautiful countryside. You will pass the Golden Sands, sometimes called Big Sands Beach, which is rated among the world’s top ten and is a splendid expanse of golden sands and dunes that are truly spectacular and you may well be the only humans in sight. This is a vast area of outstanding natural beauty that is fiercely protected by the government from over development with very limited building permissions being granted. At the time of writing we understand that no new applications are being considered. This means that any opportunities to purchase property here should be seriously considered and decisions quickly made to avoid being disappointed. Those lucky enough to buy property and to live or regularly holiday here are truly fortunate.
Although the Karpaz offers peace and solitude it is not isolated. Most day to day requirements can be purchased locally but the new five star resort at Bafra is a short drive away and the very good roads make the journey to Bogaz  and towns like Iskele and Famagusta a pleasure.
If any single addition could add value to an investment here it would be a yacht marina and that is exactly what has been approved and is now open on the north coast close to Yenierenkoy.  Busy Bees also occasionally receive instructions to sell pre-owned property in idyllic Karpaz locations. Please contact us and we will be pleased to try to meet your requirements or provide any additional information that you may want.

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