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You don’t need to own, one or even like them, to benefit from this fantastic demonstration of big money confidence in the future of North Cyprus

A location with added value.

Those seeking to invest in land or property in a sunny country such as that jewel of the Mediterranean, North Cyprus, may well be interested in local developments that can be expected  to add value to their investment. Such a development has taken place a  few kilometres  along the coast from the friendly village of Yenierenkoy, on that fabulous area of outstanding natural beauty that is the Karpaz Peninsula. This is the recently opened brand new state of the art Karpaz Gate Marina with berthing for 350 yachts and all the facilities that the yachting fraternity require. Not only boaty types will be attracted, because, when fully completed, the development will include shops, apartments and a hotel and casino. The fact that prominent businessmen have clearly seen the potential and have demonstrated their confidence in the area by investing serious amounts of cash is already spinning off into the local property and land market so, boat owner or not, you should consider this area of North Cyprus very carefully before buying elsewhere.

Major recent investments in the region include.

The Bafra resort with five star hotels and casino.

The Karpaz Gate Marina Project.

The mega Noah’s Ark hotel complex.

Massive infrastructure projects completed.


This is where it all happens. Come and find out for yourself