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Finding a sea view to beat this one would be an almost impossible task. This large plot of land is elevated and has clear views of the sparkling sea. Located just minutes from the nearest sandy beach and also to the super new Yacht Marina, makes it an ideal location for investment. Build a deluxe villa on this land and benefit from super huge grounds of more than an English acre. Alternatively, there is enough space here to construct 6 or 7 villas. Buy to invest or buy to build, this land ticks either boxes. We are seeing a huge increase in land enquiries in this area since the opening of the Yacht Marina, therefore we suggest that early viewing is highly recommended to avoid disappointment. This is the place to invest in the Mediterranean.


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The Region Karpaz Peninsula

Like most of the areas of North Eastern Cyprus the villages of the Karpaz are set in an area of outstanding natural beauty. The region offers some of the finest beaches in the whole of Cyprus and indeed some judge that the golden beaches of the Karpaz peninsular are amongst the finest in Europe if not the world. The clean clear waters that wash against the golden sandy beaches attract endangered species of green sea turtles that return every year to nest, so conservation and protection of the environment is of a high priority in this region. In addition there is an amazing diversification of wild life and migratory birds making your time spent here a truly unique experience. It is a peaceful and quiet place where one can bond with nature, imagine spending the whole day on a wonderful sandy beach swimming in crystal clear water with only the occasional sea bird for company.


Why invest in this area?

Sure to elevate its standing as a world class luxury yachting destination, Northern Cyprus is on its way to becoming the latest choice venue for the rich and famous. The Karpaz Gate marina opened in June 2011, and is a five star facility with a wide range of services and is now fully operational and includes a beach club with associated facilities. The three greatest influences on land cost and value are utility, scarcity and desirability. The value of land tends to increase each year at a higher rate than inflation. Land in this area so close to the new marina is set to soar in value, so whether you are looking for investment land land or land to build a private villa on, this area must be a consideration.



Should you be looking at developing property in North Cyprus, for example a development for residential tourism, a holiday resort or other such touristic developments then you will need to form a Limited Company within the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. We are able to introduce you to relevant solicitors, architects and builders for this purpose.


Pure Investment  “Buy land, they don’t make it anymore”

This quote from Mark Twain was as true in his day as it is today and many people are buying land in North Cyprus for investment purposes. There are no complicated concepts that investors need to understand with land, just that there is an ever-increasing demand for building and a restricted supply of plots for sale. Land prices have risen faster than equivalent house prices.

Land sizes

Traditionally land area in Cyprus was measured in Donums. This can be confusing to anyone new to the country. So to help we have conerted them to more familiar units of measurement for you

1 Donum  1338 square metres (one third of an English acre, so 3 donums = one acre)

1 Evlec  334.45 square metres (there are 4 evlecs to one donum)

Sorry this plot of land is no longer available  but we have more. This page will re-direct to to listings on our brand new web site in 7 seconds to assist you find your ideal land deal. Thank you for visiting Busy Bees.