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By completing this very simple form you provide us with a basic profile of what you are looking for. Your dream home in the sun no less. Most of this is just selecting an option from each group of buttons.


The Extra Information box allows you to provide us with any further information that may help us to narrow down the search on your behalf. Use this if you wish.



If you have a specific location in mind please enter it in the box provided.  We will try to sort properties that meet your profile in or around that location.


What happens next ?


When we receive your information we will note your priorities and search our portfolio for properties that closely match your ideal.


We will email you a selection of links to our web site pages that you can just click on to view.


If you like the look of some of these just  let us know the reference numbers or request a call back. We can email pdf printable details of your selections if required.


If nothing we send meets your dream please make sure the “Send Updates” box is checked and we will send links to any new listings that match your profile


Please allow a day or two for us to find the best matches we can.  We will submit our results as soon as possible.

Thank You



Are you searching for a coastal, waterfront or beach property in a warm and welcoming location. Maybe a Mediterranean villa, bungalow, apartment or a penthouse by the sea. If so then please consider what we can offer you in beautiful North Cyprus. Trawling the Internet in pursuit of that elusive dream property can be very frustrating so we have devised a very simple way of matching your vision of your new property in the sun to our wide property portfolio .

The simple form on this page is our way of achieving this. The next best thing to you actually being in our office in Bogaz or our office in Kyrenia. We need to know just what you visualize as your dream property so that we can see if we can match that dream to anything in our wide portfolio.  We will do the searching and present you with some real  possibilities.  

It will take just a few seconds to complete our matchmaker form. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Please read on.
Busy Bees really do make 
good things happen